Flylege Sør

Aeromedical Certification & Consulting

Anton Rodahl, M.D., specialist in family medicine. Certified aero-medical examiner (AME) EASA.

Certified FAA AME – all classes.

Closed for the summer June 23rd to August 1st

  • Class 1 (CPL)
  • Class 2 (PPL)
  • Class 3 (ATCO)
  • LAPL
  • Cabin crew (CC)
  • AFIS
  • Sail and microplane pilots


Remember the 45 day rule: The certificate may be renewed within 45 days before expiry, in which case the certificate will be extended from its expiry date. If the certificate expires, it will be renewed from the day of the examination.

Please fill out the form below in advance, as doing so will save you time.
Application Form from the CAA.

Sessions are available Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. If this is inconvenient, or you cannot find an available time slot for your booking, please contact me by phone 907 59 564 or e-mail [email protected].